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by Liz Masterson with Mike Dowling & Friends
Linger Awhile

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Linger Awhile


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by Liz Masterson -
Mood Swings

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MOOD SWINGS  © Copyright 2016

Liz Masterson has just released her 8th album, MOOD SWINGS. An eclectic assortment of 11 songs that express Liz's broad musical interests including cowboy, blues, swing, Celtic and yodeling! Spiced with lush harmonies and stellar instrumentation, this album puts Liz working with some of the very best in the business!

Her influences on this album include Milton Brown and his Musical Brownies, Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys, Nat "King" Cole, Sons of the Pioneers, Les Paul and Mary Ford, Fats Waller, Girls from Mars and Yodeling Slim Clark!

You can scoot your boots to fine western swing with fiddle and electric mandolin. Then, let the feel of a small combo take you back to the supper clubs of the 1940's and 50's where you might hear a vocalist with piano, bass, drums and saxophone.

Also included are "Homes of Donegal," with lyrics added to a traditional Irish tune. Jay Ungar's haunting melody, "Ashokan Farewell" has the lyrics that Jay approved which talk about the hint of romance that can be sparked while dancing at the wonderful music camp in the Catskills. One of the gems on the album is a somewhat obscure western swing number, "An Old Watermill by a Waterfall." While some might recognize the chorus, hearing the two verses comes as a pleasant surprise. The album starts and ends with 2 chestnuts, “Route 66” and “Vaya Con Dios.”

She started this project before her cancer diagnosis in 2012, and finishing it has been a motivating and healing experience. The producer is Jim Ratts, of Raven Records, who did an incredible job of incorporating all of Liz's ideas, PLUS adding a lot of his own creative genius. Jim has woven a texture into this album that will make it stand the test of time. His choices in players and harmony singers are brilliant.

MOOD SWINGS is a must for serious collectors of music of the 1920's-50's, as well as fans of Liz's varied styles and interpretations.

Send $19 to Liz Masterson, PO Box 12699, Denver, CO 80212, or order from the website with PayPal. www.LizMasterson.com

Liz Masterson, 'Songbird of the Sage' began performing Western music in 1982 and was quickly recognized as a “trail blazer” for the revival of this art form.  A founding Board Member of the Western Music Association, Liz Masterson’s roots run deep and true in the “cowboy culture."

Feel free to explore this new website. You may now follow Liz Masterson's Calendar and Upcoming Shows, as well as the Liz Masterson Blog.

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Buy 'Roads to Colorado'

Roads To Colorado

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"Roads to Colorado"
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